UMC Intercollegiate Athletics Mission Statement and Philosophy

UMC Athletic Department's Mission:

To serve as a window to the University in an environment of integrity and equity that enables student athletes to achieve excellence in their academic and athletic pursuits.

UMC Athletic Department's Core Values:
  • Pride: A confident, humble pride that has its genesis in discipline, unity, and accomplishment
  • Personal integrity in words and deeds: Enables Golden Eagle Athletics to develop a culture that optimizes educational opportunities for student-athletes and a valued working environment for employees.
  • Respect for human dignity: Every individual, regardless of the magnitude of their accomplishments, warrants respect and honor.
  • Honoring Excellence: Pursuit of excellence in all areas of life: academic, athletic, personal, and social.
  • Vision: Become a 'model' athletic program for small public universities in the country.

Operating Principles for Intercollegiate Athletics:

UMC adopts the following operating principles to govern the operation of its intercollegiate athletic programs.
  • Commitment to Student Participants

    Since the overriding purpose of UMC's Intercollegiate Athletic program is to serve the well-being of students, UMC will provide to student participants academic counseling, encouragement and opportunities to develop a sound academic program and attain a degree, personal guidance and counseling to help participants develop as responsible and healthy individuals, realistic career planning, conditions during practice and competition which minimize the risk of injuries, and the best facilities, training, coaching and administration feasible.
  • Academic Standards

    Students who participate in intercollegiate competition must meet all appropriate academic standards for admission to UMC and for continued progress within an academic program. A student's academic work takes precedence over athletic activity. The University will not allow participation in intercollegiate athletics to interfere unreasonably with a student's academic program or progress towards a degree. A student may not participate in intercollegiate athletics unless he or she is continuously making reasonable progress.
  • Personal Conduct

    Student participants in intercollegiate athletics carry a special responsibility as representatives for UMC. For the privilege of participating in intercollegiate athletics. UMC expects its student athletes to adhere to exemplary standards of personal behavior.

  • Institutional Integrity and Responsibility

    The University will operate its intercollegiate athletic program in conformance with its own institutional rules as well as the rules of the NCAA and the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference.

  • Equal Opportunity

    The University is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students, including women and minorities, to participate in its intercollegiate athletic programs.

  • Recruiting

    UMC is committed to honest and responsible recruiting of student athletes who can benefit from a University of Minnesota education, are a tribute to UMC as members of its academic and athletic programs, and can contribute to the success of the teams.

  • University Control

    Intercollegiate athletic programs are an integral part of UMC and are the responsibility of the University. Administration, the athletic director and the coaches will thus administer all aspects of the programs with direct oversight by the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee. Support and involvement by alumni, booster groups and others are necessary and welcome and help serve the outreach mission of intercollegiate athletics, but all activities by such groups and individuals affecting intercollegiate athletics must be undertaken in conformance with applicable regulations and under the strict control of appropriate University personnel.